General Sales

None of the conditions below is meant to affect or reduce your rights.

These general sales terms are available at any point and systematically brought to the awareness of each client/user in order to allow them to order. Thus, the act of ordering and checking the “I accept the general sales terms” box during the payment process implies a full agreement with no conditions on the part of the client to these general sales terms.


BEYÖND provides online video games such as digital escape rooms for companies and individuals and belongs to the BEYÖND BV company. These current general sales terms are applicable to any contract for the use of an online game made between any company or individual, whether they reserved personally or they are a part of the team of the person who made the reservation (called “purchaser”) and BEYÖND BV. These conditions are generally applied no matter the reservation method, whether made via the BEYÖND website (beyö, the Escape Zaventem website (, or with a member of the BEYÖND staff.

The game space made available to the players is called the “game”. The game for which the purchaser reserves and pays on the website is called the “game session”.

BEYÖND BV recognizes the right to modify or have modified all or part of these general sales terms as well as the contents of its website, to its sole discretion, at any time, and with no forewarning.

The general sales conditions of BEYÖND are available on the website and can be consulted freely by simply asking the greeting staff of BEYÖND BV.


Reservation process
The use of a game is subject to a reservation and proper payment. This is made by the purchaser on the BEYÖND website ( beyö, the Escape Zaventem website ( or with a staff member of BEYÖND in their offices.

The purchaser must have a valid e-mail address to be able to reserve.

The reservation is definitive after the reception of the reservation confirmation e-mail, which is sent to the purchaser at the end of the payment process.

The staff of BEYÖND BV can make the reservation in the purchaser’s name, by going through the BEYÖND website. In that case, the purchaser agrees with no conditions that this type of reservation implies no responsibility on the part of BEYÖND BV or of its staff, as the staff is then only acting as data entry for the instructions given by the purchaser. The purchaser thus gives up any recourse from a breach of the confidentiality of their data, or of a fraudulent use of their account.

BEYÖND BV reserves the rights to refuse any reservation for a PURCHASER who has not have paid all of the fees billed to them.

Reservation less than 24h before the game session
To make a reservation less than 24 hours before the game session, the purchaser must contact the staff of BEYÖND BV in their offices or by phone, or e-mail, or via contact form.

The reservation will then be made by the staff of BEYÖND BV and the payment must be made online before the start of the game session.

Payment method
Only payments by bank card are accepted on the website. If the purchaser cannot pay the amount of the reservation via bank card, they must first inform the BEYÖND BV staff. Companies can pay after the game session with invoice.

Online payment
BEYÖND BV has given the management of its online payment platform to a third party specialized in the securing of online transactions. Said third party keeps no data regarding the purchaser in their database.

The website is available in English and will soon be available in French and Dutch.

Reservation transfer
A reservation cannot be transferred or resold for commercial purposes. If a reservation is transferred or resold in violation to this article, the bearer of said reservation will be refused access.

Schedule and lateness
BEYÖND asks the users to be online and connected to the game session 15 minutes prior the start of the game session.

In case of lateness of part of the users for a reserved session, the present users may decide whether or not to start the game.

In any case, the game must be ended at the time originally planned for in the initial reservation.

BEYÖND BV reserves the right to refuse access to users whose delay is 15 minutes or more.
The schedules will be automatically reprinted in the confirmation e-mails sent by BEYÖND BV.

Withdrawal and refund
Reservation may be cancelled or reimbursed up to 48 hours before the game session starts.
Afterwards, it is possible to move the game session to another date.
Cancellation due to BEYÖND BV will be completely refunded.


The purchaser is responsible for the correctness of the data entered on the online reservation form on the website.

The purchaser agrees to receive, on behalf of BEYÖND BV information and promotional offers on their e-mail address or on their cell phone by clicking on the authorization box of the website.

The purchaser and/or user who enters their phone data on the BEYÖND website agrees to be contacted by BEYÖND BV via phone or SMS.

The purchaser entering the data of the other users (family and first names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses) authorizes BEYÖND BV to send information and promotional offers to these users..

BEYÖND BV agrees not to transmit the personal data of its users to a company external to the BEYÖND BV group, unless requested by an authority allowed by law, and within a legal valid framework.


According to the very principle of the game, BEYÖND BV grants the users the right to use the online game for a period defined by the game duration. The occupation of the game is for the sole purpose of participating in a game session organized by BEYÖND BV, which must be made as a team made up of a number of players as specified on the website, and which may vary from one game to the next.

Length of the game
The users agree that the duration of their presence in the game will be based on the defined duration of the game, whether they’ve managed to finish the game or not.

The users agree that the game ends before the end of defined duration if they’ve reached the end of the game in less than the defined duration without it being the object of an adjustment of some sort, or monetary compensation.

Admission to the game is only possible upon presentation of the reservation confirmation email and direct link to the game session (sent shortly after the payment process to the purchaser).

Age of users
The users must be a minimum of 12 years of age.

BEYÖND BV reserves the right to ask for a proof of age.

Behavior and know-how
For their entire presence in the game session, the user engages themselves in behaving in a respectable way, to conform to the rules, and to cooperate with the staff of BEYÖND BV.

BEYÖND BV tolerates no form of verbal violence, in the form of harassment or intimidation, against its staff or other users, and thus reserves the right to refuse access to the game session to anyone whose behavior is akin to the previously listed elements.

For any of the conditions listed above, being barred access grants no indemnity or reimbursement.

Confidentiality of the contents of the rooms
No recording can be made in the game. This, the use of video and/or audio recording equipment (non-exhaustive list: screen recorder, mobile phones, cameras, go-pro, tape recorder…) is formally forbidden. Any use of this type of device may cause the game to stop completely for the entire team.

BEYÖND BV expects of its users that they do not disclose the details of the game in a direct and/or indirect way. Any partial or total disclosure would violate the commercial interests of BEYÖND BV.


The prices charged by BEYÖND BV are provided on the website. They are displayed in euros (€) excluding taxes, by person and for one game session. The price per person is fixed according to the number of participants in a given team.

BEYÖND BV reserves the right to modify its fees at any time. Any purchaser will pay the amount relative to the rate used at the moment of the reservation.

Change in the number of users
If fewer users are present to participate in the game session than were originally planned for during the reservation, the purchaser and/or the users cannot claim a reimbursement of the price difference.

If more users are present to participate in the game session than what was originally planned for during the reservation, the price difference must be settled before being able to participate in the game, within the limit of allowed users per room.


The present general terms and any contract concluded incorporating these terms and conditions are regulated by Belgian law and any litigious is subject to the exclusive competence of Brussels’ tribunals.